IMSM 10 years on the Criminal Law service in Mexico

We are still working! Even though not at the same pace, life continue.

10 years of uninterrupted service has been a sample of commitment of Islas, Moya, Salinas y Madero, S.C. (IMSM), with Mexico. Headed by 4 expert associated on criminal law, this firm has attended cases that impacted favourably to the mexican society to the construction of a rule of law respectful of the human dignity.

In front of the measures of sheltering established after the covid-19 pandemia, they work on the prevention and resolution on criminal law issues. Attached to the new technologies, the work hasn’t been ceased to help people, is for that reason that maintains like the first referral criminal law firm in the country. Their service has trespassed the physical fronteers been a dynamic teamwork, offering his attention not only in his headquarters but also giving help via their social networks.

Their slogan on this present is “we are still working, even though not at the same pace, life continue”. IMSM committed with the society and by the hand of the Fundación Barra Mexicana Colegio de Abogados, provide free advice to the community in cases of gender violence; thanks to the isolation without violence campaign, ensuring that the rights are not transgressed.

They assure that there is no case without solution, by the contrary, they make efforts to respond with creativity before the lost causes that others give them for lost. To get there, they develop three stages: preventive advice on criminal law, alternative solutions to the controversies; and negotiations and high performance strategies.

This firm has established like goal to “substitute the rights of the victim and give back the freedom to the innocents, resolving the complexity of the problems in the little amount of time”; for that they maintain the develop of their investigation capacities, oral skills, giving a plus studying to generate creative ideas oriented to solve the conflict.

The human team of Islas,Moya, Salinas y Madero,S.C. offers they services on criminal law area, focussed on the next areas of practice: Financial and Tax litigation; Preventive and Compliance; Banking, Stock Market and Intellectual Property, Defense of Public Officers, Patrimonial Crimes, as well as Pro Bono, with the guarantee and the certainty on the representation; the personalized advice and creative, audacious and accurate solutions in attendance and Legal support.

They consider as essential, some details on the actual criminal law model like the comprehension of the other, the respect and dignity of the people, the pacific solution to the conflicts and the emphasis on the damage repair, considering that all of this behaviours enhance the inhibition of a delictive patrons and social reinsertion.

To the associates of this firm residing in the Ciudad de Mexico, is fundamental that the rule of law orients to a renovative law and no punitive one, oriented to the victim and the accused can be agree on the type of crime, so it can be can be repaired.

Like leaders on criminal law, they consider the relationships between the colleagues and guild must be loyal, without disrupt the foundations of law “the first loyalty of our firm is with the execution of the profession, because is how we swear to work it, accomplish and protect; subsequently we will progress by the hand with the clients; they request some results and depending what they ask for, litigating with loyalty to the profession, we will know if it is something that we will be able to compromise for, or not.
To the associates of the firm, the major compromise is act with morals, righteousness and honesty to achieve a proper and optimum development of the punitive power of the State.
They describe as essential, the promotion of the law so the citizens know their rights and duties, that’s why they maintain channels of formation and promotion of the legal statute thru this communication channels.
IMSM bet to the new generations of lawyers in a school with less faults; reason why they count with an associate and interns team, whom pump youth, dynamism and freshness to the firm.

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