We offer a first meeting to know the necessities of our client,
and then we realize a diagnose of the case, design a strategy and a work plan to the succeed.

Criminal Litigation

Represent our clients on judicial procedures of criminal law on terms of defense or attack related crime, in or out of the national territory, in local or federal issues.

Financial and Stock Market Crimes

Crimes committed by particulars or financial institutions that exposes the stability of the entities that participates on the stock market, therefore the ones who through fraudulent procedures of bank funds or the stimulation of operations that generates damage to the users of the bank systems.

Extradition and International Criminal Law

Legal consulting o criminal-admistrative procedures when a person is accused or condemned for a crime in accordance with mexican legislation is arrested in a foreign country and need to return to be prosecuted or (when applicable) need to accomplish a penalties imposed.

Financial and taxes crimes

There are some behaviours committed by physical or moral individuals that contains a damage or impairment of economic or patrimonial assets, therefore those behaviours that impinge against the right management and control of the public funds, also on the private entities that manage public funds and the contributors / taxpayers that impinge the national patrimony (tax authority local or federal).

Preventive on Criminal Law and Criminal Compliance

Advice on preventing crimes, also on the diagnose, development and proper function of the protocoles and compliance programs according with the necessities of the industry of the client develop their commercial activities.

Intellectual Property Crimes

Those who protect the intellectual rights of personal character and their heritage that gives the author and his creation the exclusive rights to the exploitation and use, also to protect the interests of the creators against the persons that only look to exploit a economic performance through others work.

Crimes committed on the public service

Those who commit a crime on public duties, specially on the public officers and particulars that accomplish public functions on the local or federal administration.

Crimes against the environment

All the actions or omissions realized by physical or moral individuals that impinge, damage or disturb the usual activities of the environment, atmosphere or oceans.

Pro Bono

From our origin, we attend in the way we can to all the individuals or organisations that requires legal advice in terms of criminal law for free, so helping them we create a positive impact on our society.

“We bring back the calm to the client, solving the most complex problems on record timing.”